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New Look Who’s Talking

A big big thank you to everyone who joined in the campaign against New Look. Today they announced the withdrawal of the Fantasy Football t-shirt. Which is amazing and has given me a tiny bit of hope that the Feminists might get listened to once in a while.

To all of the bloggers, tweeters, facebookers and nuisance makers who helped NL see what we thought of their “fantasy” t-shirt I am sending huge amounts of love.

So, we get 1 drink, 1 high five and then it’s back into battle…

They might have withdrawn the primary target of our rage but these beauties are still on sale:

Girl of your dreams

“Aztec” Girl

Let me be your fantasy (2 for £15, bargain)

Nice Cans

Team Double D (They need your support)!!!!!

And I only looked at the first 100 because my head was exploding.

And if you think it’s just New Look, try these from Burton…

Cross Hatch (dark series) featuring hand prints on her arse:  

Porn ice cream             

Faceless invite to anal  

Indie decks girl, correctly in bra and collar

Much thanks to Little Tweets (@stfumisogynists) for her sterling research into hideous t-shirts.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been wondering why this matters to me so much? They’re just t-shirts right? Aren’t there bigger battles to fight? Well maybe, but I think it’s the very casual nature of the t-shirt that offends me so much. I made the point about the gorilla/rape t-shirt (, if we can treat misogyny so lightly that we put it on a t-shirt, what hope is there?

Someone, quite rightly, challenged me on this by asking if it was alright that teenage girls have t-shirts which feature scantily clad JLS members. I had to think on that one before pointing out that JLS are famous for doing a thing (singing jaunty pop/R&B and backflips). A JLS t-shirt celebrates your love of JLS and their backflips. Whereas the t-shirts above feature nameless, unknown models. The only thing being celebrated is her breasts/arse/ab’s/ability to eat ice cream seductively. It reduces the woman to the level of a symbol or a logo…

“When I got dressed this morning it was a straight choice between iPooed or a woman suggesting anal, but the iPooed one needed ironing”.

I am in no way undermining our win today; I don’t think anything has made me that happy in a long time. But there’s still work to do, so if you’re feeling mischievous and/or outraged, why not post a review of one or all of those t-shirts on Burton’s website.

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2 thoughts on “New Look Who’s Talking

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  2. Reblogged this on thirtysomethingdownunder and commented:
    We all love fashion but it’s about experimentation not exploitation, it’s building on a memory of walking around in your mums high heels that were too big for you, knowing one day you will feel confident and in control in heels of your own, feeling desirable and good about yourself.
    The fact that a guy would wear any of these t-shirts screams that actually women/girls are no more than an object and should be treated as so…no it’s not a joke, it’s not a casual tongue and cheek image, it’s a message to everyone around them (which in Burton’s target market, young male adults), to encourage and influence others to think the same.

    To my UK counterparts if you can post a review then do, failing that please make a point of not shopping in Burtons!

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